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The SOLARIS Spirit

The SOLARIS Spirit weaves mutual assistance and solidarity between all, without commercial transaction, without barter or any direct agreement of exchange. Help given to someone, will be returned from someone else.

The SOLARIS Spirit vibrates in the heart of all those who have the will to connect with each other, stronger than ever, without hierarchy, without power structure, in the complementarity of their diversity.

The SOLARIS Spirit is the strength of bringing together the skills and resources of all, in the service of one, who also puts himself at the service of all.

The SOLARIS Spirit is to leave behind egos and to unite in a higher common goal: the need to quickly and effectively organize resiliency in an increasingly decaying social, political, economic, health, climate and geophysical context.

The SOLARIS Spirit is above all the duty of sharing and acquiring knowledge with pragmatism and efficiency. A short term goal is local autonomy in all its aspects.

The SOLARIS Spirit is the vigilant and benevolent gaze that everyone bears around him. It is providing attention to people in distress or on a slippery slope and putting in place ways to help them in an emergency. But in the long term, it supports, with human solidarity, their autonomy in everything.

The SOLARIS Spirit is a breeze that chases fear, isolation, despair and distress wherever they are found.

The SOLARIS Spirit is about anchoring the basis of a society founded on a new culture to which so many have long aspired. Its foundations are mutual aid, human connection and kindness where there was division and conflict, and, sovereignty where there were feelings of powerlessness and loss of identity.

The SOLARIS Spirit is to raise your head and come out of the woods and caves of illusion and resignation. It is walking upright, together, with clear outlook, with a firm hand and with calm respiration towards a constructive and positive present.

The SOLARIS Spirit is to embody the awareness that sovereignty (a prerequisite for all real mutual assistance) for all begins with sovereignty in each individual. And that love of life is key to all things.