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Getting Involved, Priorities and Resources

The following table suggests resources as they relate to each level of involvement as well as for different priorities. This list is certainly not comprehensive. Please do not hesitate to look elsewhere. This page as well as the entire Solaris-Ontario website is a work in progress. Please do not hesitate in contacting Solaris Ontario to make recommendations and contributions.

Level of Involvement and/or Priority


Level 0: Learning about Solaris

This entire website and especially the Solaris Spirit page.

The following two videos are particularly informative:
Solaris, decentralized, human-based peer support network.  and
The Great Call
(Both in French with English subtitles.)

Telegram channels:
Solaris Canada:

Si vous parlez fran├žais:



Level 1: Joining or initiating a local cell.

The first step is to find your local cell. Use the directory created for this very purpose. Look for a regional coordination or local cell closest to you in Ontario.

If you live outside Ontario, Solaris France has a list of Solaris networks by country.

If a local cell doesn't exist where you live, consider creating one if you are up to that. The initial steps are quite straight forward. You need not think that you will remain in this role for the long term. This involvement on your part will fulfill a very important priority of getting as many cells created.

Tutorial how to launch a cell



Level 2: Attending or initiating local meetings
Attending face to face meetings is of paramount importance for the Solaris network to function. Please read this tutorial.

Tutorial how to activate a cell



Level 3: Priorities of an Active Cell

If you join a cell that is active, or you have contributed to the activation of one, look at this space for further priorities and resources which your cell may require.

Setting up an analogue radio network is an important component of resiliency.

Solaris Ontario needs your help in creating pertinent resources in english. If you can contribute please do not hesitate to contact Solaris Ontario for this.



Level 4 , New priorities ....

This webpage is a work in progress. Come back regularly and be inspired.

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