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Referents and Local Directories


There are three referents for the same reasons there are three Coordinators. The referents are contacted directly by the members or in some cases by referents of another cell who submit a request to them. They maintain a register, called a directory, which records information on the members (surname, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, various skills and talents, material resources, etc. which may be useful to provide assistance to the network). This directory exists in 3 copies, one for each referent, and it is synchronized regularly. There must be a hardcopy of the directory to ensure its availability under all circumstances. For reasons of confidentiality all versions of directories never leave the cell. Only the referents know the content. Referents know their counterparts in neighboring cells personally or otherwise take the necessary steps to meet them.

This directory can also be seen as an inventory of resources (skills and tools) of a local cell.

New cell members can get a blank form, or perhaps on their cell's Telegram group.

They fill in their personal information, and the resources they can make available to the network in case of a request.

Referents collect, by copy and paste, the information of all members of their local cell, on their “master file”, and also keep a printed copy.

The directory and the personal information of the members do not circulate on the network. They are only accessible by the referents in your cell. They shall be transmitted only in the event of a request, on an individual basis.

We receive many questions about directories, which are sometimes erroneously presented as obligations, even before meetings have occured. No one is obliged to enter their data in the directory immediately. It's up to everyone to do it when they decide.

However, remember that participating in the network without being listed in the directory means that you will not be useful to others, as "helping others when they need it" is one of the network’s first principles.

Once you have met in person, you can study together the capabilities and weaknesses of your local cell. Each will be able to assess the skills, resources and situation of their surroundings and the group will be able to start organizing itself based on their observations on the ground.

Informal meetings and themed inter-cell workshops are a good way to get to know each other, share experiences and increase the synergy in your territory.

We invite you to meet as much as possible the members of the neighboring cells.

📣 Remember, we don't lend equipment, unless you choose to. We help on site with the appropriate equipment when requested. This is to prevent accidents or damage to equipment.