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Since Solaris has no hierarchy, the role of coordinator is not a leadership role, but a volunteer role the purpose of which is the proper functioning of the district organization.

  • First and foremost, the coordinator administers the group and/or the Telegram channels and chat.
  • He/She creates an email address for the group if none exist already.
  • He/She works in a team with the other group/cell coordinators.
  • He/She can organize meetings in person or by zoom, although all members are encouraged to do this.
  • He/She creates and maintains links with neighboring cells.
  • He/She studies and familiarises himself with the workings of SOLARIS and sees to it that the Solaris Spirit is maintained. He therefore can help inform newcomers.
  • SOLARIS has no hierarchy or leaders, it is a new type of collective governance. One does not seek authorization from a coordinator to initiate actions, but rather one has confidance in his/her own power, talents and inspiration to realize these actions, while informing the group because SOLARIS is a network of humans based on respect and good faith.
  • Often a person will offer his services as coordinator to launch a cell, then others will join him. The team will grow and a natural rotation of roles will implement itself.
  • There are 3 coordinators such that one is always available and reachable.
  • The members of a cell may sovereignly decide to recreate a new cell if they deem this appropriate.
  • Once a critical number of cells is established, it will be important to implement an analogue radio network (Citizen Band radios, walkie talkie ...)

A reiteration and further description of these concepts about Coordinators can be read in the very important How to Activate a Cell tutorial. You may want to read this tutorial section now.