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How to Create a Local Cell

If there isn’t a local cell for your neighbourhood, then creating one is easy, you can do it alone. Contact your regional coordinator and express your desire to form a local cell. Then create an email address for your local cell following an agreed upon format (see nomenclature).

If you are active on Telegram, you can create a Telegram channel for your cell. Again, consistency in naming is important. There is already a large Solaris presence on Telegram. Visit and find many channels and resources from people there.

Use your newly created email and inform your area cooordinator of your new cell and also the Telegram invite link, if you have one, so these can be published in the Directory.

If you are not adept at social media, others will join your cell who are and may propose themselves to create and administer the Telegram channel for your cell. If this is the case you will need to coordinate with them the list of contacts that will become the members of your local cell.

Creating local cells is indispensable to creating connections with all the members of the Solaris network. The goal is to have a maximum number of cells and to cover the territory as much as possible in order to increase network efficiency.

Now that you created your local cell, the next step is to promote it and to initiate the all important activation by attending face to face meetings as soon as possible: see Activating your cell.