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The SOLARIS network is an "Internet of Humans". A network of mutual aid and solidarity, which starts in your neighbourhood.

Completely free, it is modeled on family support and community support which was common in the past.

It supports the autonomy and sovereignty of each individual, essential foundations of any real mutual assistance.

A small number of people form a group at a local level. These groups are called cells. Cells are meshed in a
tree-like structure at the regional, national and international levels. The tighter the mesh, the better it works.

In these uncertain times, and in the event of systemic failures, the SOLARIS network will allow members
to stay connected, and to quickly provide support to one another as needed.

This human network will ensure that no one remains isolated as they face problems. It will rapidly provide local
responses to the needs of each, and will strengthen unity between humans more than ever.

It will be equiped with its own means of communication in the event of collapse of traditional communication systems.

It works at the grass root level through smooth information flow. There is no hierarchy.